Uniquely personal yet universal, skin forms a living interface between organisms and their environment—and is our public face to the world. Skin: Living Armor, Evolving Identity invites guests to explore the beauty and sophistication of this organ through rarely seen scientific specimens, fascinating interactives, and thought-provoking investigations of a challenging subject that’s far from black and white.


At the California Academy of Sciences, I assisted in the production of various informational panels, animated video experiences, and physical interactives.


Skin Exhibit

Human Skin Growth Animation
Human Skin Growth wall display

A large wall display describes the various layers of human skin, including sensory elements, and showcases the human skin growth process.

skin cross sections
Cross sections of skin illustrate the unique aspects of different types of animal skin, including fishes, mammals, amphibians and birds.


Skin Sensors

A range of infographics representations, including a full size infographic of human microbiomes, a physical interactive depicting an array of sensors in your own body, and an illustrated panel showcasing the layers that make up a rhinoceros horn.


This illustrated tryptic explains human skin healing through the development of scabs.


An infographic table uses physical elements to display some of the social disparities amongst people with different skin colors, including information related to arrests, medicinal drug prescriptions, and even housing opportunities.